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Your dream artist/musician is just around the corner.

Nani trio - Ladino

Nani is a progressive Ladino ensemble, that brings together warm and diverse musical blends of North African music, Middle Eastern music and Jazz. This unique blend of Guitars, Oud, Ewi, Electronics and Noam's hypnotizing vocals envisions a new breath of life into the ancient Ladino language by creating a co-existence of past and present which makes it ever so relevant today.

Shishani & the Namibian tales

Shishani is a talented singer-songwriter loved for her smoothand powerful voice. Her roots are Namibian and Belgian in origin, but she was raised in the Netherlands. In her work she bring these worlds together. Her vocal style has been influenced by Afro-American music traditions, giving her a truly unique sound. 

Noam Vazana

Noam's warm charismatic voice will stay with you long after her show ends. She excites with her tantalizing voice and connects spiking, piano-driven songs with classical influences & jazz trombone solo's. Her charming personality and the intimate dialogue she creates with the audience, make her a striking performer. Noam played on Jazzahead '15, Roccella Jazz festival '14, Tanjazz festival '13, North Sea Jazz Roundtown ’12, Nessiah festival ’11 and many more.

Hebrew Groove - Vocal group

Hebrew Groove is a young and up to date Israeli vocal group based in Amsterdam. The group's repertoire consists of Israeli pop songs of all times, retouched with the groovy piano and close harmony vocal arrangements by the conductor and artistic director Noam Vazana. Hebrew Groove performed at Museum nacht,  Paradiso choir festival, Salaam-Shalom solidarity event for Charlie Hebdo, Namen en nummers, Koor en more festival, preliminary EU elections conference about Israel and more.

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Finding the right artist/musician can take some time, especially because we're swamped with information through the internet & social media as well as through the regular media channels. We believe there's a better and old fashined way to find talent, that is by receiving recommendations from friends, peers or other people you appreciate their opinion.


We aspire to be your ears wide open, your source of good music, in any style. Whatever you need, just drop us a line. We're sure we can find the right artist for any occasion within our vast network of musicians & artists. You can also look at a few artists here which we choose to spotlight.

We aspire to be your ears wide open. Let us help you find what you're looking for.
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